– Auction site based on bids – I only put this here because is also available – Dean beats us to it – Petite womens clothing or even kids clothing – Nice pickup Venkataraman – Sell your unwanted stuff on – There’s a prize in every Surprize!  This is too good to pass up.  Show me some love if you register it and use the tag line 🙂 – Its the spot where you find deals! – The Kings last name….I dare not! – Last Name or Sir Name.  Directory of popular Sir Names? – Because is already taken…but not developed!  Could be a memorable one for selling and brokering land online. is probably better though – taken!
* – A most excellent name for an exclusive club … being treated like that VIP infront of your peers or your date! – Brandable clothing line or Fishing Line

*Great Name – Freshly sourced products – Not something to be proud of…but memorable for a specific type of business – SMS is a much popular phrase in India, but in US… – Lots of variations, but could be a possibility – There’s gotta be at least 100K of em – Bringin out the rock star in you – We all know one, and if you don’t…look in the mirror

Hand Reg of the Day: – Great Brandable Name – Something to help you sleep or night vision goggles/camera & – Both available and both killer names for mens grooming – Book Club Social Networking site – Chatting Social Network – Sounds like a messy site – For those sour cravings – When you just need a little extra space for your gear… – Auto convert to any language – Review Aggregator for all .in websites – Crowdsourcing for India – Knocking out those pesky chores, one errand at a time! – Brandable Name to find lost old friends – Brandable Name for a clothing line – Brandable Name for Big people clothing – For Bed and Bath products – Selling tires is huge…only problem is that is it tyre or tire? – For your herbs and spices online – Great way to tag your bag – Generic Shopping engine for Pune