LocalGuy.in – Everyone needs one…
WashMate.in – Great name for a laundry detergent or accessories
HouseHelper.in – For those of us that could use some help at home…
Shrtr.in – Link SHoRTneR ?
Makkan.in – Im sure will get some typo traffic
SoftLoan.in – For smaller amount loans
Slouch.in – Platform to get all your little chores done
LoveMart.in – For all your romantic needs
ExpertReview.in – For when you need some better advice
Hopped.in – Ride Sharing service
Wishful.in – Shopping wish lists
ShoppingWorld.in – Shopping Mall online
123Print.in – easy to remember printing site

EveryWare.in – IOT for your clothes
PetHub.in – Pet Supplies and more…
FitBull.in – Fitness, Exercise Blog
PartyLine.in – Party Supplies and Rentals
BrownBoots.in – Good Descriptive site for Shoes and Boots – nice play on words
Chidiya.in – Means Bird – wonder why twitter didn’t get this yet?
SanjayGupta.in – Common Name … I’m sure we can find a few to sell this to for $100

Tinta.in – Brandable
SaleZone.in – For Coupons, Sales and Shopping Zones…
StoneWork.in – For a Concrete, Marble or Construction Comnpany
MusicNow.in – Exact Match for what you’re looking for and now!
NetDirectory.in – Online Directory for all types of categories
FindAnything.in – Well, isn’t this the reason you’re online in the first place…
SocialFeed.in – Helping you develop your social marketing strategy