Business – For all your Indian gear!  Mr. Sri Reddy owns  A collaboration is in order Sir! – Free Stuff (just pay for shipping – wink wink)


*My personal hand reg of the day –
**Nice pickup for Mr. Ding RiGuo from China…if you’re reading this… why do Chinese people love Sky .in names?  LG – you can answer this also!

Welcome to 2017 – we are another year closer to 2020 which is the year that in my prediction will be one of the best years for .in investors…so ramp up for the next 3 years and get ready to go along for the ride! – Lead Generation for the next generation! – Brandable name for a Soap, Lotion and Candle Brand! – Practice makes perfect, get your practice in at TestTime – not a big fan of 2nd level, but this is good!
I hardly register but when i do….its a damn good one! – Brandable Womens clothing/jewelry/accessories line – Trade in your old for new stuff – little confusion with but still could be a good Brand with lots of searches for mobiles – Kids Bakery or Cake Shop – Jobs for the film industry – Mr. Suresh R. ….this name is just waiting for you (along with

Nice pick up Mr. J.E on ProfessionalCleaners, MaxBet and TrueSale – not a big fan of eRevolution, TotalTransformation though.  My favorite however is your pickup of holyday – which is  a nice brandable domain.