Quikey.in – Great Name for a key store.  Would also register (quickey.in)
RedSand.in – Memorable and Brandable – leaves an impression in your mind
DailyRecipe.in – Great content based sided, leaving your visitors craving for more…
ShoeWorld.in – Although lots of variants for ‘world’, this is a good one
DoctorDoctor.in – Although lots of variants for ‘world’, this is a good one
TutorTube.in – Live Help from a tutor

MathMan.in – Be the go to source for Math problems
AnyBuy.in – The spot to buy anything
Klimb.in – Brandable word for a climbing structure of climbing wall
GoldChest.in – Finding all kinds of goodies on this site
PrivateVideo.in – Sometimes you DON’T want to share
FreshDeal.in – Daily deals updated
NudeBeach.in – Usually filled with unsightly folks, let’s change that stigma with this name
SwapMeet.in – Great name for Shopping/Deal Site