Automotive – Buses are huge business in India and lots of them have a .in domain – We could all use one of these at least once a year! – Great Hack as,, – Your one stop shop for all Big and Small items… – Lets make a deal. – Come on Sling Media PICK UP this domain and capture and entire empire of content craving fans.  I don’t recommend anyone else picking up this one.

Nice pickup @CommonCab and Mr. Edwards, but not a fan of marketmatrix or freightstatus
@Pasha – BuySarees, SmartRealty, Rideme and Raceme are not bad
@Zahid – GiftMakers seems ok but too many variations
@liulang – not sure what banjotee is – please enlighten us
@karthi – what a deal regarding landdeal – Brandable Coupon Site – Common Punjabi First Name – Solutions for Overweight Kids – Quick Delivery Solution by the most famous reindeer – The spot to watch TV (although lots of variations) – The name says it all.  No shortage of maids – Cars and Autos is a huge industry.  Get the max for your buck with this name – For the latest gadgets and toys – Plastic Surgery for an important body part – Why is this worth anything?  All other # am’s are taken.  Could be developed as a late night delivery service for miscellaneous things… – Review Aggregator for all .in websites – Crowdsourcing for India – Knocking out those pesky chores, one errand at a time! – Brandable Name to find lost old friends – Brandable Name for a clothing line – Brandable Name for Big people clothing – For Bed and Bath products – Selling tires is huge…only problem is that is it tyre or tire? – For your herbs and spices online – Great way to tag your bag – Generic Shopping engine for Pune