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So was watching CNBC this morning and saw a reporter with the last name of Sorkin, which led me to search for the domain, taken by David E. Sorkin (associate professor at law).  Got me thinking of all the names that end with in and thats when this research project started.  There are thousands of names ending with “in”.  Here are some I searched for… (chandan)

apparently we’re late to this party as well….all taken!

Have a go at this yourself and see if you can find any that are available worth registering. Do share in comments if you do: – Brandable Womens clothing/jewelry/accessories line – Trade in your old for new stuff – little confusion with but still could be a good Brand with lots of searches for mobiles – Kids Bakery or Cake Shop – Jobs for the film industry – Mr. Suresh R. ….this name is just waiting for you (along with

Nice pick up Mr. J.E on ProfessionalCleaners, MaxBet and TrueSale – not a big fan of eRevolution, TotalTransformation though.  My favorite however is your pickup of holyday – which is  a nice brandable domain. – Kids Sports Shop

Nice pickup at – Karthi – Mr. Edwards surprised to see you get this one?
SocialExperts & BodyandMind was pretty good though Mr. Edwards – Baby products that cause us all joy – a happy baby is a healthy baby! – Since is taken by Chandan – this – Credit Card India?

Kathir – nice pickup at – is the I for India?  Whats the plans for DreamZone? – not that big of a market there though.
Mr. Edward – – err….not sure, im that one 😛 ChatParty, HairClinics  and MobileLock … meh…
Spyridon Strakatos – – gonna get some nice type in traffic