Business – Brandable Womens clothing/jewelry/accessories line – Trade in your old for new stuff – little confusion with but still could be a good Brand with lots of searches for mobiles – Kids Bakery or Cake Shop – Jobs for the film industry – Mr. Suresh R. ….this name is just waiting for you (along with

Nice pick up Mr. J.E on ProfessionalCleaners, MaxBet and TrueSale – not a big fan of eRevolution, TotalTransformation though.  My favorite however is your pickup of holyday – which is  a nice brandable domain. – Buses are huge business in India and lots of them have a .in domain – We could all use one of these at least once a year! – Great Hack as,, – Your one stop shop for all Big and Small items… – Lets make a deal. – Come on Sling Media PICK UP this domain and capture and entire empire of content craving fans.  I don’t recommend anyone else picking up this one.

Nice pickup @CommonCab and Mr. Edwards, but not a fan of marketmatrix or freightstatus
@Pasha – BuySarees, SmartRealty, Rideme and Raceme are not bad
@Zahid – GiftMakers seems ok but too many variations
@liulang – not sure what banjotee is – please enlighten us
@karthi – what a deal regarding landdeal – For that special lady – Special Searches for your mother in law – Looking for a room to stay in? – Social network with a memorable name – Other variations to spelling this word – this is one of them – If only Bill Gates knew what it meant – Common Name around the world