Looking over multiple projects in the NFT Space, the Paradise Trippies stood out to me as a unique proposition for multiple reasons; the first being an amazing domain name that an NFT project has launched on – Paradise.com. Show me another NFT project with a great domain name, and I will mint or buy the floor.

Most NFT projects follow a similar turtle shell chart pattern where after the reveal, or snapshot or some pre-announced event is typically the peak followed by a gradual or steep decline. The Trippies distinct game theory of collecting 7 Baddies and 7 Goodies for rewards/incentives, has in essence stabilized this and the shell pattern never fully formed. Sure there are troughs and valleys like any investment, but the typical pump and dump theme did not follow through.

With a total collection of 10,000 Trippies, here is the break down of characters:

Frog 800
Minotaur 800
Pirate 750
Turtle 750
Ogre 720
Rabbit 720
Wizard 720
Yeti 720
Goblin 700
Mermaid 700
Tree 700
Wolfman 700
Alligator 600
Boogieman 600
Dragon 5
Pixie 5
Medusa 4
Unicorn 4
Kraken 1
Pegasus 1

Based on LCD, you will notice that there can only be a total possible 600 full sets and/or half sets. That number will obviously never be achieved with a supply of 10,000 because at the time of this message there are 1494 wallets that have under 6 trippies. There are currently a total of 1821 wallets in the project. Also 1604 (16%) trippies are with BitCasino who is a major advertiser/contributor/partner in the project. You can see the live stats for the project on etherscan.

Besides the original Mint Pass, there have been 3 airdrops so far:
Good Egg | Bad Egg | Gold Egg

Beyond collecting a basic set or full house of Trippies, I believe true investors will want to have a collection with as many similar themes as possible, multiple levels deep (BG color, Clothes, Mouth, Eyes, etc..). I decided to go down the Baddies route and collect the hardest possible combination of a full set which are the armors. Went one level deeper by collecting all with the same background. Here’s a breakdown of the armors within the Paradise Trippies Project.