Todays hand reg is  This domain has great potential not only as a food/restaurant website but also as a online dance faceoff as the word ‘nacho’ also translates to ‘dance’ in the Indian language. is owned by our very own Mr. S.R.   Combined the singular and plural (nacho and nachos) would be a killer brand combination to introduce Spanish food to 1.3B.  I visualize franchises in India already….

Here are all the (single letter) domains that are taken:

A breakdown of where the registrations are coming from:

Bcoin – Italy
Ecoin – USA
Gcoin – China
Icoin – India (our very own Mr. SM) – Vietnam – India – China – India – Poland (our very own PP) – USA – Iran – For that special type of comedy.  Brandable and memorable too… – If you can’t find results in the top 20, you’re not searching TOP TWENTY!  (need to get which is owned by Venkat) – Since is taken by Mr. Mubashir himself, this comes in the top 10 ‘chocolate’ names for .in

Nice pickup at MR.CJ – Brandable name for a shoe shop – way to pull the trigger on this one Mr. Sunny G. – Mr. Rohit Krishan from my county – wow another .in domainer in my county – surprising!