Pocketing.in – Money Savings Platform
Ported.in – Nice phrase about porting numbers
MrCouch.in – The spot to buy home furniture and couches (should consider getting mistercouch.in as well)
FirstVisit.in – Great hack FirstVisit.in/london, FirstVisit.in/france, etc….
Butchery.in – The Spot to get the meats!
GoodFortune.in – For the Indian Fortune teller
PriceKhoj.in – CSE for India
Braden.in – For a friend
DineWhere.in – Foodie Site
Issuer.in – The one that issues
BigDiscount.in – The place to get your deals

GamePlace.in – The place to find the best games
HouseFly.in – Weird Name but memorable
Apperture.in – For the camera enthusiast
Viner.in – Could be Vine or Wine related
NurseryRhyme.in – The Kids Spot
FishDish.in – Fish Recipes
BollywoodPics.in – Latest happenings in the Bolly world shown in pictures
UsedSale.in – For getting rid of all your used goods
StarCruise.in – Cruise Line for the Stars

ePawn.in – Online Pawn shop
ShortWave.in – Radio Station Online
StarShine.in – Cleaning Company
SafeEye.in – Eye Protection or Sunglass Company
RiyaSen.in – Popular Bollywood Actress
DownloadNow.in – Streaming and Downloading service
CouponMonkey.in – Daily Deal site
ClubTravel.in – Travel Blog
Pinner.in – Pinterest type site
AdMela.in – Indian Advertising or Affiliate network
MarketKing.in – For the King of Marketing

BidUp.in – Auction site based on bids
LeftBra.in – I only put this here because RightBra.in is also available
SpotPrice.in – Dean beats us to it
Tinee.in – Petite womens clothing or even kids clothing
BuyLikes.in – Nice pickup Venkataraman
Garbageman.in – Sell your unwanted stuff on Garbageman.in
Surprize.in – There’s a prize in every Surprize!  This is too good to pass up.  Show me some love if you register it and use the tag line 🙂
DealSpot.in – Its the spot where you find deals!
Bachchan.in – The Kings last name….I dare not!

SirName.in – Last Name or Sir Name.  Directory of popular Sir Names?
LandLand.in – Because Land.in is already taken…but not developed!  Could be a memorable one for selling and brokering land online.  LandIndia.in is probably better though – taken!
*PrivateRoom.in – A most excellent name for an exclusive club … being treated like that VIP infront of your peers or your date!
BlueFly.in – Brandable clothing line or Fishing Line

*Great Name