Qoupon.in – Brandable Coupon Site
Sarabjeet.in – Common Punjabi First Name
Fatbaby.in – Solutions for Overweight Kids
Dasher.in – Quick Delivery Solution by the most famous reindeer
Tvee.in – The spot to watch TV (although lots of variations)
Getmaid.in – The name says it all.  No shortage of maids
AutoMax.in – Cars and Autos is a huge industry.  Get the max for your buck with this name
WowToys.in – For the latest gadgets and toys
BigBoob.in – Plastic Surgery for an important body part
2am.in – Why is this worth anything?  All other # am’s are taken.  Could be developed as a late night delivery service for miscellaneous things…

BuyToner.in – Its a consumable product that everyone uses (BuyToners is also available along with the co.in’s for both)
PropertyFind.in – Where else are you going to find property?
EasyLive.in – Great name for elderly community
BuyCart.in – For all your shopping needs
Shakeel.in – Common name with over 8.5M search results
Pehla.in – Be in first place with this name
CakePHP.in – Open Source web frame work anyone?

Today’s Pick:
DomainPool.in – Pooling together funds to make domain purchases

Pocketing.in – Money Savings Platform
Ported.in – Nice phrase about porting numbers
MrCouch.in – The spot to buy home furniture and couches (should consider getting mistercouch.in as well)
FirstVisit.in – Great hack FirstVisit.in/london, FirstVisit.in/france, etc….
Butchery.in – The Spot to get the meats!
GoodFortune.in – For the Indian Fortune teller
PriceKhoj.in – CSE for India
Braden.in – For a friend
DineWhere.in – Foodie Site
Issuer.in – The one that issues
BigDiscount.in – The place to get your deals

GamePlace.in – The place to find the best games
HouseFly.in – Weird Name but memorable
Apperture.in – For the camera enthusiast
Viner.in – Could be Vine or Wine related
NurseryRhyme.in – The Kids Spot
FishDish.in – Fish Recipes
BollywoodPics.in – Latest happenings in the Bolly world shown in pictures
UsedSale.in – For getting rid of all your used goods
StarCruise.in – Cruise Line for the Stars