The United Basketball Alliance (UBA) is the first men’s professional basketball league in India and has been in existence since 2015. There are currently 8 teams divided into NORTH/SOUTH. Upon researching these teams, it seems that none of the websites have been maintained and most don’t resolve. What’s worse is that the official website for UBA is not even working:

Here are the teams and their respective URL’s (north/south respectively):
Haryana Gold –
Punjab Steelers –
Delhi Capitals –
Mumbai Challengers –
Pune Peshwas –
Bengaluru Beast –
Chennai Slam –
Hyderabad Sky –

Simply put – there is an amazing opportunity to get 1.3B people interested in this sport. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel…. copy/paste what the NBA is doing. Keep all team pages uniform and aligned with UBA values to start with. Having nothing resolve is the worst possible scenario!