Welcome to the game Kathirvel Murugan! (edigital, fcim, nytt, hackschool, tonm, fsim, penfriends, efill, erdi, javan)

OfficeShirts.in – Great business in a box domains – descriptive!
Buy99.in – India’s 99c online store!
BestClub.in – Find the best club in … anywhere (bestclub.in/london, bestclub.in/china)
Loser of the Day Here is our Loser of the day Registration.  Mr Pawan – I’ll applaud you for registering paisaguru.in today, but this is not the way to go…

Domains not to register


  1. Kathir

    Paul You are doing a great job.
    Keep them coming.
    You have listed few nice available names with ideas.

    • Thank you Kathir. Glad to see you enjoying it and hopefully making good u$e of it 😛

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