Technology – Brandable Womens clothing/jewelry/accessories line – Trade in your old for new stuff – little confusion with but still could be a good Brand with lots of searches for mobiles – Kids Bakery or Cake Shop – Jobs for the film industry – Mr. Suresh R. ….this name is just waiting for you (along with

Nice pick up Mr. J.E on ProfessionalCleaners, MaxBet and TrueSale – not a big fan of eRevolution, TotalTransformation though.  My favorite however is your pickup of holyday – which is  a nice brandable domain. – Find all Deals under one Hut – lot of variations on the word “hut”… – I like the alliteration of the letters ‘in’ in the domain.  It appears three times and the word itself is catchy.

Nice pickup at Carmatic Mr. J.E. – good play on words with “Karma” and “Automatic”
SocialHarmony, SchoolStory, and SoupShop also are nice Sir!
UnCareer is also good – its what we are all looking for… – Indian Lending Tree – Good Business Defining Term – you call it the ‘mobile page’

@Chirag – Nice pickup for Yumz and Menx
@Pasha – Not a fan of PoshSalon or AdventureWorld, but am a fan of eCommerceShop
@Pramesh – I like (sounds like before) – Baby products that cause us all joy – a happy baby is a healthy baby! – Since is taken by Chandan – this – Credit Card India?

Kathir – nice pickup at – is the I for India?  Whats the plans for DreamZone? – not that big of a market there though.
Mr. Edward – – err….not sure, im that one 😛 ChatParty, HairClinics  and MobileLock … meh…
Spyridon Strakatos – – gonna get some nice type in traffic – Its a consumable product that everyone uses (BuyToners is also available along with the’s for both) – Where else are you going to find property? – Great name for elderly community – For all your shopping needs – Common name with over 8.5M search results – Be in first place with this name – Open Source web frame work anyone?

Today’s Pick: – Pooling together funds to make domain purchases