Office Supplies – Lots of applications for this such as an exclusive card for exclusive memberships/discounts. – Hack as “” and nice alliterative B’s

@Telepathy NC – – what a great domain business in a box name!
@J.E – – I see where you’re going with that 🙂
@AA – I wouldn’t reg a developed company name like – ur asking for trouble:

Welcome to the game Kathirvel Murugan! (edigital, fcim, nytt, hackschool, tonm, fsim, penfriends, efill, erdi, javan) – Great business in a box domains – descriptive! – India’s 99c online store! – Find the best club in … anywhere (,
Loser of the Day Here is our Loser of the day Registration.  Mr Pawan – I’ll applaud you for registering today, but this is not the way to go…

Domains not to register