Paul – Any real estate agents in India paying attention?  This is an amazing name for your brand or even for lead gen!

Nice pickup for Mr. Dhawal S. – Nice two words with the same length – memorable.  Yes would need to get the correct spelling ( to make this a viable dating site.  Have contacted Mr.Kumaresa about pricing.  He’s asking me to make the first offer…


UPDATE – Jan 10 2017 – Mr. K is asking $7,500 for – Play on words such as “who is in?” or “who’s in?”.  Needs some explaining and definitely does not pass the radio test.


@KJ – nice pickup on – has an office in India.  It’s time they get cultural with a .in domain! – Start your own YT channel by doing some crazy stuff and be known as the ‘CRAZY GUY’
T̶o̶p̶S̶t̶o̶r̶e̶s̶.̶i̶n̶ – This one is taken by yours truly!

Welcome to 2017 – we are another year closer to 2020 which is the year that in my prediction will be one of the best years for .in investors…so ramp up for the next 3 years and get ready to go along for the ride! – Lead Generation for the next generation! – Brandable name for a Soap, Lotion and Candle Brand! – Practice makes perfect, get your practice in at TestTime