I always like to guess whether a domain is taken or not and also, when it was taken to see how far behind the curve I was on that particular niche.  If you’d like to play along and see how well you do, here are some examples for today.  Do you think the following 10 domains are registered or not?

1. RiskReward.in
2. Tokenize.in
3. USA2.in
4. MataPita.in
5. WordUp.in
6. Swissco.in
7. Lookforme.in
8. Eatmeat.in
9. Firangi.in
10. Bitcoinwala.in

How did you do?  My score was 6/9.

Yes it is out of 9 for me since I registered one of the names myself so it doesn’t count.

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  1. RiskReward.in (Available)
    Tokenize.in – Created On:18-Aug-2017
    USA2.in (Available)
    MataPita.in – Created On:20-Oct-2016
    WordUp.in (Available)
    Swissco.in – Created On:05-Jan-2014
    Lookforme.in – Created On:28-Nov-2016
    Eatmeat.in – Created On:03-Mar-2017
    Firangi.in (Available)
    Bitcoinwala.in – Created On:05-Nov-2016 by me

    Lets see some scores…Im at 6/9 + Bitcoinwala.in just regged

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