As I regularly check .in domain name availability, today I searched and noticed that it directs to  Thought this was a great way to show how a 3 word domain is using a shorter domain hack as a way to direct customers to their business.  Had not acquired the domain “”, they would have never earned my or hundreds of thousands of other users business that type in a name, instead of using google.  That is the power of a type in domain that no one can take away or replicate.   Google can delist you or move your business to the third page of rankings, but cannot stop a user from typing in a domain and directing them to your website. Businesses (and more importantly the advertising & marketing depts) in India that understand the instant credibility and category dominance a  premium type in domain brings, will be much better positioned than their competitors.  The earlier to the game, the easier it will be to acquire these great domains, and as has been evident over the past few years the prices will continue to increase as the demand increases.

Another interesting fact about this name is that they decided to move forward to use the domain inspite of the domain being an established business.  Here is the history of registrations:

21-Nov-2007 – registered
30-Aug-2015 – registered
04-Jun-2016 – registered

Please do share with us more use cases if you come across any….

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