Busonhire.in – Buses are huge business in India and lots of them have a .in domain
TaxDoctor.in – We could all use one of these at least once a year!
BestEscorts.in – Great Hack as BestEscorts.in/London, BestEscorts.in/Paris, BestEscorts.in/Mumbai
BigStop.in – Your one stop shop for all Big and Small items…
DealDeal.in – Lets make a deal.

SlingBox.in – Come on Sling Media PICK UP this domain and capture and entire empire of content craving fans.  I don’t recommend anyone else picking up this one.

Nice pickup @CommonCab and DomainHelp.in Mr. Edwards, but not a fan of marketmatrix or freightstatus
@Pasha – BuySarees, SmartRealty, Rideme and Raceme are not bad
@Zahid – GiftMakers seems ok but too many variations
@liulang – not sure what banjotee is – please enlighten us
@karthi – what a deal regarding landdeal